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The medical world is changing and there is a strong movement to bridge overall health care to include dentists working side by side with other physicians. Over the last seven years we have worked closely with over 300 physicians and have earned their trust in treating their patients in many areas including sleep apnea, the treatment of migraines and other TMJ problems, and oral bacterial infections.

We know how to successfully work in partnership with medical professionals and we understand the importance of working together for the total overall health of the patient. The Centers for Dental Medicine, a well known national company, developed a treatment protocol to fight oral bacteria with a very high rate of success.

We are an affiliate member and have adapted their protocol for our practices. Our dentists and hygienists have received extensive advanced training in the art and science of testing for and treating oral bacterial inflammation.

Our offices are equipped with the latest in technology to assure you sensible treatment that works ... guaranteed!