a global epidemic more widespread than H1N1

Oral bacterial inflammation, caused by dangerous oral bacteria, increases your chance of health complications.

Imagine a condition that - contributed to such killers as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes... made victims' teeth fall out, and affected nearly 80% of Americans - putting them at serious risk of debilitating disease and even death!

Do you think it would make the news - and make people want to take action NOW? Of course it would - if they new they were in danger.

Oral health is key to overall health.

  • Unfortunately, such a condition does exist. It’s called periodontal disease, or oral bacterial inflammation and science has linked it not only to irreversible, permanent jaw bone damage but to a range of very serious diseases. In fact periodontal disease is far more widespread than H1N1, yet has NO SYMPTOMS in its early (sometimes even moderate) stages. People are only beginning to realize just how dangerous it is.

Your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body.

Inflamed, swollen, bleeding gums can allow disease-causing bacteria to enter into your blood stream.

The worst part is that most patients have zero clue they are already living with the infection. Proper treatment of oral infection can greatly reduce your risks and improve your health.

For years oral bacterial infection was only associated with gum pockets around the teeth causing bad breath, bleeding gums, loose teeth, and loss of teeth.

Scientists have been investigating the link between oral bacterial infection and other conditions with some frightening results. Take cardiovascular disease, which contributes to 2,400 deaths every day. The American Academy of Periodontology reports that “researchers have found that people with oral bacterial infections are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without oral bacterial infections.”

Similarly, the same is true for other serious diseases. People with oral bacterial infection are three times more likely to suffer a stroke and are twice as likely to contract type II diabetes. Recent research indicates other areas of concern such as potential Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss, later life dementia, various cancers, kidney disease, and low birth weight.

This is why a significant number of scientists and researchers are stating the importance of eliminating oral bacteria which causes inflammation.
Diagnosing and treating oral bacterial infection can even improve the health of patients with existing health problems.

Your body naturally recognizes the invasion of bacteria. Controlling or eliminating oral infection can reduce the load on the immune system and may allow the body to heal itself.

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